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Valerie Baadh Garrett, RSMT, is a movement specialist and teacher mentor/trainer. Through The Movement Academy Project, Valerie and the MAP team provide educators and others with resources and education about healthy movement at all stages of life via workshops, webinars, and other resource materials. Valerie also works in the Transformative Movement Education (TME®) program for young adults on the autism spectrum at the innovative Meristem school in Fair Oaks, CA, and is on the faculty of Spacial Dynamics® China, Rudolf Steiner College, and Spacial Dynamics Women’s Wellness.

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Visit the Movement Academy Project online shop to find products and ideas for your classroom. Download handouts from our Master Class Series, buy books and PDFs like 94 Dodgeball Games from Dr. Edmund Knighton, CDs with Music for Dancing for grades 1-4, and DVDs including the popular Our Best Rod and Stave Activities and The Agile Aging Basic Class.
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Games Children Sing and Play

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“Children learn with their bodies before they learn with their brains.  Physical and sensory feedback derived from interaction with the physical world help to build the neural pathways necessary to form mental images of the world.”  –Sally Goddard Blythe, author of ‘he Genius of Natural Childhood and What Babies and Children Really Need.


“This book reminds us of the beauty and power of living song and movement. It will nourish children and adults alike as they share the music together.” –Joan Almon, founder, Alliance for Childhood

Games Children Sing and Play book at Movement Academy Project

Games Children Sing and Play is a treasury of thirty-four favorite, time-tested games for playing with three to five year olds. The magical weaving of rhythms, movement, songs, stories and imagination invite children into vibrant story worlds. Most of all, these games help children feel at home in their bodies and in building relationships with others. Includes CD of tunes.

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“A lot has been ‘said’ about protecting childhood but this beautifully written and produced book will show you ‘how’. The authors have poured a lifetime of what works for young children into these pages for us” – Kim John Payne M.ED. author of Simplicity Parenting.

“A child’s game is a bridge built from the joy of joining. Play is one of the human beings greatest needs, and is simultaneously the trait that can help us learn to be social beings as well.”  – Jaimen McMillan, Founder and Director, Spacial Dynamics Institute,


What They’re Saying

What a delightful collection! The wide range of games is described so clearly that it’s easy to find something to play with a lucky child or group of children. And then you’ll want to play something else, just because it’s still so much fun to play and sing.’

Rahima Baldwin Dancy, author, You Are Your Child's First Teacher

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