Book – Uffe the Gnome’s Giant Adventure


When Uffe The Gnome agrees to judge which of the Giant twin brothers, Lars and Olaf, is “The Best, ” all manner of adventures follow. 36 pages by Michael Garrett with line drawn Illustrations by Laura Lazzati, Uffe’s Giant Adventure is meant to be read and colored, and played with by the young adventurer. Includes an afterpiece, Movement and Learning by Valerie Baadh


Uffe The Gnome’s hilarious adventures continue, as he agrees to judge a contest between the Giant twin brothers, Lars and Olaf. In the little gnome’s generous mediation of their silly and sometimes heated fraternal rivalry lies a fun story with a rich context to inspire imagination and foster an urge towards healthy movement in young children. Who doesn’t want to leap over a river, race around a beaver pond and roll down a grassy hillside? Sometimes Uffe and his friends seek adventure, and sometimes, as in this new story, the adventure comes towards them.

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