Book – Games Children Sing and Play: Singing movement games to play with children ages 3 – 5


34 Games to play with children aged 3-5


Expanded to 34 wonderful original and traditional games for a parent, teacher or other loving adult to play with one, two or twelve children, this collection by Valerie Baadh Garrett and Joan Carr Shimer is sure to become a classic.  Beautifully and loving designed by Kate Hixon and Michael Garrett, the collection includes games that integrate the developing senses of balance, touch, vitality, and self-movement with lots of fun and music too!

Chapters include Movement and Learning, Moving From Me to We, and more!

Contributors include:

Sally Goddard Blythe, Jaimen McMillan, Maureen Curran, Heather Lanier, Meg Hodgkin Lippert, Lorraine Lee Hammond, Jean Ritchie, and Ingun Schneider as well as the authors.

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