Movement Therapy

Movement TherapyIn my private practice, I apply the mind-body techniques of Spacial Dynamics® Movement Therapy (see The Fourfold Path of Healing) with dynamic imagery for health and healing.  Slow, sustained meditative movements combined with the unique, safe, and gentle hands-on techniques have helped numerous adults on their path to recovery and wellness.

For women, I’m part of the Spacial Dynamics® Women’s Wellness team, offering weekend retreats in Big Sur, California in the spring and fall each year.

As a Transformational Movement practitioner working with nature, craft, and integrated movement, I lead TME / Group Movement and TME / Individual Sessions at the ground-breaking Meristem school for young adults on the autism spectrum.

For the elderly, Agile Aging‘s wellness-through-movement programs integrate the latest research in fall prevention, exercise physiology, geriatrics, therapeutic imagery for healing, and brain fitness in a somatic, mind-body approach to healthy living.


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