Zhengzhou University’s Sports Academy and Olympic Training Center is the host site of the new Spacial Dynamics® China training with Valerie Baadh Garrett, Kim LeBas, and Chinese movement master Guo Yang Shi Fu.  Kim arrived early this week to lead a 3 day Introduction to Spacial Dynamics course, and Valerie arrived Friday to a surprise snowfall, to prepare for the first of 9 modules that will comprise the 3 year Spacial Dynamics Level 1 training.  Module 1 began January, 2016; Modules 2 and 3 continue July 17 – August 1, with an additional entry level course in Chengdu in February with Susan Darcy, enabling late-comers to join the summer training. 2017 and 2018 dates have been set, again January and July, culminating in the first diplomas from Spacial Dynamics Institute in summer, 2018.

Our teaching team, (L to R) Kim LeBas, Valerie Baadh Garrett, Guo Yang Shi Fu

Intro to juggling!

Partner work is one of the key principles of our approach to learning movement



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