The Moon Is Round in China, too!

The Guangzhou and Zhengzhou Waldorf school communities welcomed me back to China in June, with movement workshops, parent evenings, lots of dancing and fun times in unusual places.

One of the highlights was teaching movement and touching games to Chinese parents so that they will feel encouraged to play more movement games with their children, especially on the ground or floors.

Here’s a very short video of one such moment (from our Facebook page) as I teach The Moon is Round, with Mandarin translation, in Zhengzhou, China, in June, 2012. The Moon Is Round, by Jaimen McMillan, founder of Spacial Dynamics®, is just one of the wonderful movement games in our new book, Games Children Sing and Play, available from our online store here, and at bookstores around the world.
The photo above is of the June, 2012 full moon on my last night in China.  My wonderful hosts in Zhengzhou, Ping Juan and her husband, Joseph, treated me to a festive banquet feast at Butterfly Lake, up the dirt road from the property they are hoping to buy for their growing school.

When I questioned the location as so far from the city, about 30 minutes, they told me that this will be a “country school”, and very attractive to the urban families looking for a different quality of education for their children.

During the feast the sun set and the moon rose.  A bottle of French champagne was produced from the trunk of a car, and we toasted the full moon, the hopes of the Bulb of the Lily school, and our growing friendships.

by Valerie Baadh Garrett

The Movement Academy Project

August 2, 2012





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