Around the neighborhood, we hop in a three wheeled scooter taxi and say “Hua de fu!”  Of course the taxi driver knows where to go: Happy and Virtuous China.

These six characters and three concepts make up the name of our educational movement.  Even after four days, I can see the relevance and importance of these characters.

Hua  (China)
China is the world.  China is like saying Me or I. China is the wholeness of these people. It is not like saying American or Californian or USA.  My impression is that Hua means,  “We, the People.”

De  (Virtue)
Waldorf is an education of virtues.  Truth, beauty and goodness are our three muses for teaching and learning. These virtues ring true to our Chinese students.  They can make the connections between them.  These are real feelings and mandates for the Chinese we teach.  They have expressed their sadness that their education lacked all three. Together, we joyfully experience these virtues throughout the day, reflect on them, and explore how we can create an educational experience in which these virtues are central.
Truth      Beauty      Goodness

Fu  (Fortune)
Fortune refers not only to money.  In fact, it is much more: it is true happiness, having all that you need and your heart’s desire.  It is having happiness in family, health, plentiful food and companionship.  It is community and prosperity.  It is being lucky.  Fu is the good fortune of experiencing oneself as a full three-fold human being.

I am no expert in Chinese writing or characters or meaning.  But I can say from our first days here we are so fortunate to be meeting these lovely people. We are all Hua: we are human beings sharing one humanity. We are more alike than different.  We share our love for children and family.  From that love comes our shared quest to educate our children so that they will find their true happiness as a complete human beings with Fu.  We share our love for De: truth, beauty, and goodness.

Hua De Fu

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