This video was shot during a workshop we offered in 2013, featuring some of the valuable wooden rod (staff) activities for individuals and groups of any size, from puberty through adolescence to adulthood

In this trailer for the Agile Aging Basic Class, you can see moments from some
of our favorite agility activities that form the core class program our instructors
train to teach, including work with our Agility Balls. The full class is available to buy or rent as a Video on Demand, or for sale on DVD in our store.

In the summer of 2011, Valerie Baadh Garrett mentored a group of teachers in movement activities for high school students. Here is a short taste of their work!

Five Little Bunnies is a finger game from my book,”Games Children Sing and Play”. It’s a game that’s fun to play anytime, but especially in the Spring at Easter time!

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