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Movement Coaching – Private sessions with Valerie

Valerie offers movement coaching consultations and packages in San Francisco and on tour in Southern California, and the Berkshires in the US, and on visits to Taiwan and China. Effective leadership, teaching, partnering and parenting all rely on differing qualities of presence, of being at ease with one’s self and the relationships with others. Through the slow and focused movements, and hand’s on techniques of Spacial Dynamics®, we can enhance dynamic and effective gestures while learning to change unhelpful patterns of moving in our lives and our relationships with others. One-on-one sessions combined with a home program of just a few minutes each day can bring about new ways of being present, effective, energetic, and at ease.

Private sessions are also offered at our Women’s Wellness Retreats.

Contact Valerie directly at 415.218.7088, or at vbg@movementacademyproject.com

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