Private Sessions

Private SessionsIllness, trauma, and depression can make us sick! Pain, fear and anxiety – for ourselves or a loved one – can compress our breathing, our body, and the space surrounding us. In private sessions at our studio, at the home, or at the office, Valerie leads movement meditations and activities to improve our relationship to our healing body and the spaces we live in.

Even our daily life, posture, and habits can create strain on our bodies and minds.  Spacial Dynamics® movement therapy sessions use quiet hands-on techniques and individual exercises , some described in The Fourfold Path To Healing. After each session, a home practice is designed so that each client can continue the healthy relationships to the body and the spaces we move in.  After 3 – 6 sessions, most clients are able to continue their practice on their own with excellent results.

The magnificent view high above the San Francisco skyline at the friendly Grand View Studio contributes to a sense of well-being, vitality, and ease each client takes with them after each session.

Contact Valerie here to book your first session in person, or via Skype.

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