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Valerie (center) in Taiwan, 2013.

Valerie (center) in Taiwan, 2013.

Valerie Baadh Garrett is a dynamic educator, consultant to schools and businesses, personal movement coach, and an international speaker and workshop presenter. Programs include Teacher Mentoring for 2016-2017 year, live online webinars, and a Vimeo channel of movement videos for educators and caregivers. Valerie is Associate Director of the first Spacial Dynamics® training in China, 2016-2018.

Valerie is a movement artist, educator, and therapist. Born into a family of jazz musicians, Valerie has danced her whole life. Training in Los Angeles with Bella Lewitzky and the Eugene Loring’s School of American Ballet gained her early admission to the first dance program at the new CalArts where she received her BFA. Moving to San Francisco, she has worked as a dancer, choreographer, director, and producer as well as a small business owner employing dancers. With Jaimen McMillan’s Spacial Dynamics Institute, she served as a choreographer and movement trainer for five international children’s Hands In Peace Festivals. These festivals took place from 2001 through 2009 in Olympia and Delphi, Greece, Quito, Ecuador, and Beijing, China, and the US.

Social dance is an active part of all her current workshops. She danced as a performing member of the nation’s foremost vintage ballroom dance ensemble, The Academy of Danse Libre, leading warm-ups of movement technique before each rehearsal and its many performances throughout the year, including 2015 Peninsula Symphony season and 2015 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. She is featured in the book, Dancing Over 50, to be published in 2016 by Stance on Dance.

Valerie is a movement educator, helping to share the understanding of the movement development of the human being throughout the lifespan. After 15 years on the faculty of San Francisco Waldorf School, teacher training has been a strong focus. In addition to Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, Ca, and Spacial Dynamics Institute in NY, she has been a guest instructor for  California Coastal Lifeways, RSF Social Finance, and at Waldorf schools and teacher training programs in the US and Asia. In 2013, she was a guest instructor of movement education at Hsinchu University in Taiwan, and at Chengdu University of Technology in China. She holds Level III Spacial Dynamics® Trainer and Bothmer Gymnastics certificates from Spacial Dynamics Institute.

Photo of Valerie Baadh with children at the Hands in Peace Festival 2006 in China by Benno Klandt.

Valerie leading children at the Hands in Peace Festival 2006 in China.
Photo: Benno Klandt.

Valerie is also a movement therapist (RSMT/Spacial Dynamics) with a private practice in San Francisco. An invitation to lead movement in a Stanford University’s dSchool course on mobility for seniors led to the founding of Agile Aging, a unique movement program designed to maintain mobility and prevent falls for the elderly. Valerie develops new activities, trains instructors, and gives community workshops for health practitioners. She has presented five programs for the California Assisted Living Association. Read more on our Agile Aging website.

Beginning in 2016, she began consulting and tutoring Transformational Movement with Meristem, in Fair Oaks, California.

Valerie is a producer, video director and author. With husband and creative partner, designer Michael Garrett, Valerie produces and presents live online programs and digital media to support teachers and others working in movement in education. Together, they published several children’s books, including, with Joan Carr Shimer, Games Children Sing and Play (Hawthorn Press, 2013), a collection of movement games for adults to play with young children, as well as Dance As Movement History (AWSNA, 2001).  In 2013, they produced and directed the film documentary, The Art of Puppetry and Performance.

Valerie and Edmund Knighton at 2014 Movement Education Week

Other talented colleagues work together for our various programs:

Edmund Knighton, PhD,          Education and Leadership programs

Allegra Alessandri-Pfeifer, PhD, Education and Leadership programs

Heather Lanier, RSMT, Spacial Dynamics – Women’s Wellness Retreats

Kim Le Bas, RSMT, founder of Spacial Dynamics Pacific, Director of Spacial Dynamics® China

Terry Walters, Spacial Dynamics® practitioner and chef extraordinaire, Spacial Dynamics – Women’s Wellness Retreats


Valerie and Kim LeBas
Taiwan 2013

Joan Carr Shimer, MA, Movement and Learning, early childhood programs and dance

Olivia Huff, RSMT, Agile Aging instructor, Sacramento region

Molly Hughes, Agile Aging instructor, SF Bay Peninsula region

Dr. Michael Abney, DC, Agile Aging instructor, SF Bay Peninsula region






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