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On August 24, 2017, join Valerie as she leads six activities for Resilience for Teachers – A Back To School Primer. Register here.

On September 28, 2017, join Valerie as she introduces three new agility activities for Agile Aging for Every Body – Enhancing Mobility at Every Age. Register here.

On November 2, 2017, join Valerie with her guest, Dr. Edmund Knighton highlighting key principles for Roughhousing, Wrestling, and Tussling from Infancy to Age 10. He will share direct application of those principles with fun and integrative activities for young children. Insights include just how to lead them, why they’re important, and the nuances of each subtle gesture. Register here.

All activities in the Online Master Classes are supported by video and print handouts available for free if you register and attend the live broadcast.

Can’t make the program at 5 on a Thursday? No problem! Register anyway and you’ll receive a copy of the edited video (excluding the Q&A) about a week afterwards. PDFs of handouts will be available in our online Store.

All our webinars are available to rent or purchase and download on our Vimeo channel.

Dr. Edmund Knighton Joins Valerie for our series of online master classes

Dr. Edmund Knighton joins Valerie for the upcoming Master Class on wrestling and rough housing with young children

“Thank you for the lovely webinar.  It was delightful and I’m looking forward to doing this circle with my little ones.” – E.A.


“I want to say congratulations, it went so smoothly from a participant’s point-of-view which means you must have worked very hard and done a lot to make it so!!! Thank you!” – O.K


About Participating in our Free Online Master Class

Please register in advance of the program via the link above. You will then receive confirmation and the notifications to alert you, and follow ups so you get everything you need to participate.

All participants will be able to hear Valerie and her guests and see a prepared presentation with short video clips. You will be able to ask questions and receive a response during the program.

Should you miss the live program for any reason, you will still receive the recording of the presentation. It’s available, usually within a few days of the event. We edit it so the video is of the best quality.

The Online Master Classes webinar experience should go smoothly on your computer, pad or phone. Use the GoToWebinar app if you have it. We’ve had positive responses from those who’ve attended our earlier programs.

Want more?  Enhance your sensory-movement classroom or home with our online Mentoring program of private Skype appointments with Valerie throughout the season or the year.

Rent or Purchase Videos from Our Online Master Classes

The Little Daffodil

This is a 35 minute recording of our first live webinar with master teacher Valerie Baadh Garrett. Valerie offers preschool and kindergarten teachers the entire script, clear videos of the teacher’s movements and audio recordings of all the songs. In addition the video includes a prop list and costume suggestions for this enchanting movement adventure story for early springtime.

Enlivening the Hands, Gesture, and Voice for Early Childhood Teachers

While applying principles of movement education and of Spacial Dynamics®, movement trainer Valerie Baadh Garrett leads a series of slow, simple, and progressive movement exercises to enliven the spaces of the hands, gesture, and voice. Valerie models movement, voice and gesture for games suitable for early spring. Especially relevant for anyone working in education or therapy, these enlivened spaces of the hands and gesture allow students of any age to imitate, follow, and enjoy whatever movements are being led

May Dances Games and Songs. Using the Movement Dynamic of Levity

Movement educator Valerie Baadh Garrett speaks about the dynamic forces of levity and gravity in the young child’s formative years. She illustrates those key principles with movement activities for May. In addition, she includes May dances, Maypole forms, a traditional singing dance from Ireland, an original finger game from the Games Children Sing and Play collection and finally, an adaptation Wind Up the May Tree game for older children.

Movement Games for Sensory Integration in Early Childhood

In this presentation, Valerie speaks first of all about the role of early movement patterns in the integration of the primitive reflex movement and of the senses in the young child, and furthermore why it is vital for proper development. In addition, Valerie presents the foundational movement sequence and five movement games for educators (or parents) to play with young children. Games include: Here I Go To Touch the Sky, See Saw Sacra Down, Criss Cross Applesauce, Swish Swash Swosh, and Caterpillar Crawls Along.

Action Games. Ups and Downs in Early Childhood

Valerie Baadh Garrett shares 40 minutes of video, including a short seminar on the theme of “Ups and Downs”. In addition, she covers six singing movement games that progress from simplest to most complex, working with jumping and other key movements of early childhood. With guest Joan Carr Shimer’s archival video of leading games at Pour Parler conference in 2013. Especially relevant are Joan’s on air comments and teaching tips, make this program a goldmine of material and insights into healthy movement for the child,


All Master Class Handouts Available in our Shop.




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