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Women’s Wellness Retreats has a new beautiful website with great photos and video, too!
You can register two ways: online below, or directly with Heather here.
Women's Wellness Retreats Farm to Table meals

Women’s Wellness Retreats is a Spacial Dynamics® approach to reducing stress and enhancing energy in the midst of our busy everyday lives.

Enjoy farm-to-table meals prepared by Terry Walters and Isabel Hubert. Participate in gentle Spacial Dynamics® movement exercises with Heather Lanier, Valerie Baadh and guest instructors. Relax in comfortable accommodations surrounded by incomparable scenery. Discover something new on this serene and secluded private ranch overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


While effective, the way we move through our lives can cause us to feel stressed and depleted. Would you like to…….

  • Fall asleep quickly and easily at night?
  • Maintain a comfortable personal border that expresses both clarity and warmth?
  • Feel energized rather than depleted by everyday tasks at home and work?
  • Learn how to manage stress by expanding your paradigm of personal space?
  • Increase your range of movement to allow you to engage in the physical activities you enjoy?
Women's Wellness Retreats social walks in a natural setting

In these programs developed by Heather Lanier, gentle exercises, postural suggestions, and a unique spacial approach to physical and emotional health will be introduced to the group. Delicious and nutritious meals are catered by local chefs.  These restful and rejuvenating, days are hosted at beautiful California retreat centers. Hill of the Hawk in Big Sur, ENSO in Half Moon Bay, Tara Healing Sanctuary in Topanga Canyon. Valerie Baadh Garrett also brings the impulse for Women’s Wellness to Asia, at scenic Emei Mountain, in the resort of Dali in Yunnan Province, China

Women's Wellness Retreats in Big Sur
Sunset at the Women's Wellness Retreats in Big Sur

Valerie Baadh and Heather Lanier are RSMT*s. They lead workshops and provide private consultations and coaching utilizing the movement discipline of Spacial Dynamics.  Terry Walters, chef extraordinaire, and Isabel Hubert, are also Spacial Dynamics practitioners. They lead nutrition, cooking, and holistic health programs in Santa Cruz and Los Gatos, CA. Valerie is the founder of Agile Aging; Heather is a health and wellness coach sharing programs throughout the west coast. The thoughtful approach of Spacial Dynamics has shown to be effective in enhancing personal and professional lives and relationships. It is featured in the landmark book The Fourfold Path of Healing.

“I believe this is a retreat where women will leave much more fulfilled than when they arrived.  The 2 main experiences are related to healthy farm fresh eating habits and mindful movement exercises that will leave you refreshed.”

Read more about Spacial Dynamics here.

Read more about the process of private movement coaching here.

*RSMT : Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, certified by ISMETA/International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association

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