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Enhance Your Teaching with Movement Mentoring via Skype

Valerie Baadh Garrett has been a mentor for Waldorf teachers and Waldorf schools for over 25 years.Finally, her teacher mentoring support and guidance is available anywhere in the world. Beginning in September of 2016

Valerie Baadh Garret conducts teacher mentoring via Skype

Valerie Baadh Garrett conducts teacher mentoring sessions via Skype anywhere in the world

“Between your webinars and the Skype appointments, I feel like I’ve gotten not only material I can use right away in the classroom, but personal coaching on my own movements that encourage the children’s imitation and engagement.” – BA


“When I go to a weekend workshop, I get a fire-hose of information that I forget as soon as I get back home. It’s also very expensive for my school to pay for the travel and fees for faraway workshops. With your Skype program, you answer my questions directly and I can take specific themes and work on them the next day, step by step, with immediate results in the classroom.” – JC

School Year Teacher Mentoring Program of 9 Sessions

Monthly 60-minute Skype teacher mentoring sessions privately with Valerie from anywhere in the world (for 1-3 people);
Early childhood, elementary grades, or high school focus;
Movement education curriculum themes and guides for movement development of the child;
Pedagogical study materials;
Curriculum planning and development;
Personal movement for the teacher; viewing and coaching classroom movement;
Movement to invite imitation;
Adaptive movement for differences;
Offline Review of Rubrics / Reports / Overviews
Unlimited access to instructional videos and online programs during school year

Intensive Teacher Mentoring Program of 3 Sessions

Teacher mentoring on themes as needed to support success of the teacher

Teacher Mentoring appointments available from anywhere in the world beginning September 1. Weekend and evening appointments available.  Registration after September, 2016 will still include 9 sessions on a compressed schedule TBD.

Schedule your first appointment here.

VB Teacher Movement Mentoring Flyer

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